My Story

Joshua was born and raised in Glen Daniel, WV and studied Visual Arts at West Virginia University.  After college, he worked in the service industry. In 2009, Joshua moved from Morgantown WV to Maryland.   Many years managing restaurants began to take a toll on his body. It was time to take his life in a new direction.


Joshua’s new journey began in 2014 when he decided to go back to school for massage therapy at Fortis Institute.  He discovered that massage therapy could heal the mind, body, and soul. He found that the physiological effects that massage has on the body is profound.  After working as a Massage Therapist for 4 years, he decided to start his own private practice, Anahata Massage Therapy.   


Through massage therapy, Joshua will facilitate a space for healing, increasing your feel-good hormones (oxytocin and serotonin) and decrease your stress hormones (cortisol).  This will affect every system of the body and help to improve overall health and well-being.  Massage will also improve range of motion and decrease muscle tension, aches, pains and much much more.

When Joshua is not busy helping others through massage, you can find him hiking trails, whitewater kayaking, or hitting the slopes on his snowboard.

The Wellness Practitioners


Keontae Hairston-Zellars,

Reiki Master Teacher, Full Spectrum Doula & spiritual life coach


Keontae is a practitioner who is particularly passionate about the healing & wellbeing of individuals, communities, institutions and systems. She is also a certified coach in community healing justice, and a trained professional in mind-body medicine. She works extensively in life transitions, grief, loss, and finding meaning and purpose. Keontae speaks on resiliency, self-compassion, and self-care in the community. Her Doula services are in place to help guide and comfort new mothers on their journey to their highest form of creation….child-birth. Keontae is the Founder of Reiki with Amoré, which provides a safe space for patients to explore their healing options. With a reverence for exploring the sacredness and meaning of life, she companions individuals on their journey…So come get your healing!


Instagram: @luna_vibez_

D Tyler Pic.png

Dawn R. Tyler, MSN, RN & owner of Bside Hydration, offering: IV hydration, body contouring & vaginal steaming.

Dawn is a registered nurse who holds her master’s in nursing informatics.  During the day she assist patient and families upon admission to the hospital to coordinate any care needed upon discharge.  In addition to her full-time job as a Discharge Planner, she has most recently joined the fight against COVID 19 and is working part-time as a vaccination clinic nurse in many COVID 19 vaccination clinics around the Baltimore Metropolitan area.  

Dawn has a passion for assisting people to returning to their optimal level of health.  She has works in various capacities in her 23 years in healthcare field, with 8 of those years being a registered nurse.  Some of the areas she has covered are, geriatric, emergency room, urgent care, health department, and ambulatory care. 


Dawn is a Baltimore native.  She loves to travel in her spare time.  She considers herself a lifelong nurturer of people.  She also considers herself a lifelong learner due to her receiving her bachelor’s degree for Sojourner Douglas College.  She returned to Walden University, where she obtained her master’s degree in nursing informatics.  She is currently enrolled in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program at Coppin State University.  Dawn’s reason for continuing the work she does is because she understands it will have a lasting impact on those, she serves for many years to come.


Instagram: @bsidehydration